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LESD Wellness Program

The LESD Wellness Program provides health resources to families in Lawndale and the surrounding communities. Through nutrition education and outreach opportunities, it helps students, parents and caregivers shape lifelong patterns of healthy behavior. The program's goal is to create better communities by empowering young people and their families to make healthy choices and adopt active lifestyles. 

Bookmark the LESD Wellness website to get free nutrition class schedules, download recipe books and learn new tips on leading a healthy lifestyle.

CalFresh logoCalFresh
According to statistics, Lawndale underutilizes various government assistance programs, including CalFresh, formerly known as food stamps. LESD has partnered with the Department of Social Services in an effort to inform households and encourage their participation. Like the district, Cal Fresh encourages everyone to consume more fruits and vegetables in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. To apply, visit the CalFresh website: