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Wellness Initiatives

Through community partners, private and government support, LESD has been championing healthy lifestyle initiatives since 1994. Currently, the LESD Wellness Program is receiving support and providing education through the following two initiatives.


Champions for Change provides peer parent nutrition and gardening lessons at all LESD schools and the surrounding community including Lennox, Hawthorne and Inglewood. The initiative encourages and empowers individuals to make healthier choices through increased intake of nutritious foods and increased physical activity.


Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools Partnership supports student wellness at LESD. It will help LESD revamp and strengthen its existing Student Wellness Policy with input from students, teachers and parents. Physical activity time will increase for 2,300 kindergarten through fifth grade students at three elementary schools (William Anderson, William Green and Franklin D. Roosevelt). Physical education specialists also plan to target student leadership groups with messaging on the importance of regular physical activity.  



Choose Health LA Kids brought together various partners to implement community-based public education, skill-building and environmental change to promote healthier lifestyles to children ages 0-5 and their families. The initiative, funded by First 5 LA, provided nutrition programs to families in Lawndale, Hawthorne and Inglewood from 2014 - 2016.


Lawndale Lifestyle is a local cable show that was supported by the City of Lawndale Cable Commission and produced by LESD’s Wellness Program. The show featured unique partnerships between LESD, Lawndale Library and the City that supported overall wellness for Lawndale families.

Nutrition Workshops for Students

Wellness Program poster

Champions for Change began visiting classrooms in October to talk with students about making healthy choices. So far, we've held 73 student workshops with 57 teachers.


The drawing to the left was created by a Kinder student in Mrs. Gillespie's after a visit where we talked about MyPlate and what we should eat and drink to be healthy and ready to learn.

Thank you to all the teachers and students who make our days great!